# The Hive

A hospital transformed into some kind of hive full of squirming "things." We pushed on and pushed the repulsive image from our minds.


  • Activate the emergency power in order to use the elevator.
  • Find a code that will allow the elevator to go to B2F, dealing with the leech man in the process.
  • Unlock the door to the underpass in B2F. You will need to "cook" the leech man, who is in possession of the card key you need.
  • Unlock the door to the waste liquid disposal room. Here, find the padlock key and use it to unlock the boat parked at the B2F underpass.
  • Defeat the giant leech and escape through the sewers.

# Lockpick solutions (Alyssa)

Location Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Locker in 1F Locker Room P P P S
Drawer in 1F Office W W I I

# Codes for the level

Elevator codes
To B2F821153153555
To Rooftop0930

These codes can be input as soon as you reach the elevator control room (no need to read the respective files.)

# Dr. Hursh

You start in room 301. When you approach to the room entrance, Dr. Hursh will come in and tell you this hospital is anything but safe. Follow him and turn left. Pick up the green herb, then enter room 302. Open the drawer between the beds for a stick, before opening a locker in the corner. When you pick up the handgun inside the locker, a strange creature will appear. Throw the stick at the creature to stun it, then quickly exit the room. Now enter the room in front of the elevator, and approach the fallen crate to activate a cutscene; the elevator is now operative. Go to the area Dr. Hursh was, and pick up a blood pack and a hemostat.

For a quick ending of this scenario, ride the elevator to B1F, and skip the next two paragraphs. Otherwise, go on.

# The padlock key

Ride the elevator to 2F. While you technically need only one blood pack, you can get an infinite amount at the nurse station, which is in front of the elevator. Be careful there: when you inspect the cabinet next to the door, some leeches will jump to you, and you will be put in Bleed; you can cure it with a hemostat, or you can interact with the green cart at the far end on the room to remove the status.

In any case, from the elevator, go east and down the stairs. Enter the left door, and operate the control panel to release some locks. Now return, open the shutter, and enter the lobby. Pick up some red herbs, and enter the waiting room, When you approach the herb on the right side of the screen, either a dog will jump, or zombie arms will try to IK you. Enter the door opposite the double set of doors, and perform a hairpin turn to the right (left side of the screen). Pick up a card key, then perform another hairpin turn left. Enter the locker room, picking up a red herb inside the rightmost locker. Enter the next door, and you will end back at the 1F passage. If you need the second part of the elevator password, and/or want some goodies: enter the doctors’ room, located in front of the double door, read any documents here, and check the drawers. If you dare, enter the doctors’ station to pick up handgun bullets and an anti virus pill. In any case, ride the elevator (from 1F or 2F) to B1F.

In B1F, enter the door on the east wall. Once inside the elevator control room, use a blood pack to lure the leeches away from the control panel nearby. I can tell you the codes right away (I already did...) but if you want to figure them out for yourself, read your documents. If you explored the doctors’ station, you probably noticed a photo with the date September 30th; this is also a hint. Enter both codes, then return to the hallway. If you’re in a real hurry, you can go complete the section Dealing with the leech man now, then return here.

Unlock the door at the end of the B1F hallway, abusing item lag to avoid the zombie. Enter the south passageway, pick up the red herb here, and continue past the zombies to the waste disposal room. Pick up some herbs, then descend the stairs to the waterway, avoiding the leeches. Go up the ledge with a ground zombie, and carefully pick up the padlock key. Go all the way back to the elevator.

# Dealing with the leech man

Ride the elevator to B2F, and enter the closest door. Make your way to the fixed temperature lab. Go inside the chamber, and wait for the leech man to arrive; use a blood pack if necessary. When he enters the chamber, swiftly exit and set the temperature to "High" in the control panel to activate a cutscene. Now set the temperature to "Low" and pick up a card key from the corpse. If you don't have the padlock key yet, pick up the B1F keycard located next to the door leading to the B2F passageway, and jump to the previous paragraph. In any case, return to the B2F hallway.

Unlock the door at the far end of the B2F hallway with the keycard from Dr. Hursh's corpse, enter it and use the padlock key to free the boat. There are some rooms you probably haven’t explored yet (room 202, reposing room, treatment room) but they are honestly not worth the hassle. The rooftop is a bit more interesting, though.

# OPTIONAL - the rooftop

If you input the code to the rooftop, you can use the elevator to go there. You will find some crows, and goodies laying around. Cindy and Kevin can also talk to the dying man to obtain a weapon.

Make sure every team member is in the boat room, because any team member left behind will die (the game will inform you of this.) Use a blood pack if you’re still carrying one, and ride the boat to the boss battle.

# Boss battle: Giant Leech

The giant leech has three attacks. It will spit a harmful liquid at two spots ahead; either stay in the middle of the spots, or get away. He will also advance through the canal, either suddenly, or by first raising its proboscis. The sudden attack is particularly surprising, but you can somewhat predict it if the giant leech stays for too long underwater. The final attack consist of tentacles rising from underwater, usually at two spots. Water will agitate where the tentacles appear, so you can easily avoid them. This attack is often performed when you stray too far from the leech; try to keep some distance, but not a lot.

There are many strategies for dealing with the leech. This is the only boss that can be reasonably dealt with by only using tackles/Kevin’s kick. Keep attacking, avoiding his advancing attacks, and he will be done in no time. You can also use handguns, but it will take quite a bit longer.

There is a third strat that only requires a couple bullets. Let the giant leech advance, and shoot the valves when he is under them to release some kind of gas, and hurt the leech. Midway through the canal, your character will comment about an explosive tank; shoot it when the leech is next to it. Finally, there is a jerrycan at the very end; shoot it for tremendous damage. often killing the leech.

After the boss dies, follow the canal to end the level.