# Showdown 2

This challenge is a lot harder than Showdown 1. While there are more healing items, and roughly the same weapon availability, enemies are much more dangerous, with all but one having instakill attacks. Stage 3 is particularly difficult, which has respawning enemies!

# Stage 1: Oscar (Titan)

You start on a room above the elephant. There’s some weapons to pick up, most notably the first rocket launcher, near the control panels. There’s also a shotgun, newspaper+bottle pickups and a grenade launcher.

Try to use melee as much as possible, as this is the easiest boss you can melee with impunity. Hit him on the sides, while avoiding his trample attack. If you want to kill it with fire weapons, remember he’s most vulnerable while standing on his back feet. Don’t get too far from him, his stampede charge attack does a lot of damage.

If Oscar stands very high on his back hit, it’s preparing for his IK: he’s more likely to perform this attack when characters have low health. Just shoot him to scare him and avoid the attack.

After a while, Oscar will fall.

# Stage 2: Max (Stalker)

Max is accompanied by two of his girlfriends, which are as dangerous as Max himself. Players 1 and 3 have to be especially careful at the start, since all three lions will charge at them.

Try to deal with the lionesses first: two grenade rounds each should suffice. Be careful of recoil, though; the shotgun is a safer choice, but slower.

The lions don’t have any weaknesses, but they can become stun locked with the shotgun, and also from Kevin’s and Alyssa’s potshots, even with the handgun. In addition, any character with a dodge is able to avoid the lions’ lunging attack; good reflexes are required, though.

When Max gets to the station roof, try to land a shot on him: if he gets hit, he will get down immediately, thereby reducing his healing. Also, it may happen Max fakes his death; stun him immediately and keep shooting. He will eventually die for real.

# Stage 3: Gigabite

One of the hardest battles in the entirety of Outbreak. The main difficulty comes from the megabites, which respawn just like they do in Underbelly. So, you must kill Gigabite as soon as possible.

Also, the valuable bomb switch is laying around in this area; make sure to pick it up. It will make your life a lot easier on the next two battles.

Gigabite is most vulnerable when he’s standing on his rear, and megabites come rolling. Avoid them, then shoot Gigabite for lots of damage. The rocket launcher doesn’t seem to be very effective in this battle, but you can try your luck.

A good strategy would be choosing a sacrificial lamb to lure the megabites while the rest of the team deals with Gigabite. If George is on the team, he can use the capsule shooter loaded with antidotes to quickly deal with him. Keep attacking and Gigabite will die.

# Stage 4: Tyrant-R

This seems to be the Code-G version, as he’s very slow. You can use this to your advantage, and perform a shoot-and-run strategy. You can also use the bomb switch on him, though it’s a bit more useful in the next battle.

Be careful of his flail attack: if he hits you whilst looking at him, you die instantly. If you’re not able to avoid this attack, just turn your back on him and you will survive.

There’s a somewhat hidden pickup behind the container next to the helicopter.

# Stage 5: Nyx

The second rocket launcher is around here. Make sure to pick it up and use it on Nyx.

If you still have the bomb switch from the Gigabite battle, you can use it now to expose Nyx’s weak spot and deal tons of damage. You may kill him almost immediately when using the bomb switch.

If not, find a knife and start attacking. Nyx exposes more his weak spot the more attacks the absorbed tyrant receives.

Be careful of his blob and floor tentacle attacks! The former will rise your virus gauge considerably, while the latter has a high chance of putting characters in Bleed. Also, the more he gets hits, the longer he kneels, and with more frequency. Just keep hitting his core and you will eventually win.