# End of the Road

The countdown to destruction had begun, yet hope remained. As confusion and anarchy tore the city apart, the time had come to stand up and fight.


  • Find a keycard to get access to the experiment room.
  • Find an MO disk, then decrypt it to release a Tyrant. Yes, you read that right.
  • Find a higher access keycard, and escape the Umbrella facility using the underground exit.
  • Reach Linda down in the sewers, picking up the Bomb Switch on your way.
  • Navigate through Raccoon City streets while avoiding concealed land mines, until a countdown starts. Hurry to the helicopter before it leaves!
  • If you miss the helicopter, find a truck and escape the city. You will first need to defeat Nyx.

# Lockpick solutions (Alyssa)

Location Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Locker in Break Room S S I I

# Before starting

The layout of this facility is very confusing, since all hallways look more or less the same. Each time you pass through a door with a huge numbering on the side, you're switching areas. Several rooms also function as passageways between areas.

You start on the central area. You will make a short trip to the east area for a key, then you will need to deactivate some lasers by visiting the west area. You will then stay within the central area until you activate a cutscene. Finally, you will exit the facility via the east area.

# Finding Carter

Through this section, you will find several MO disks. Make sure to pick up one before you find Carter, if nobody on the team has yet.

Exit through the door at the end of the hallway. Turn right and continue through the passage, taking note of the number panel. Three numbers are covered with blood; memorize them and go through the door closest to the fire. If there are grenade rounds, quickly pick them up, before the hunter arrives. Then, follow the passageway, and open the door without a card reader.

Once inside, pick up the examination room key from the table. Also, check out any hidden corners for goodies. Now return to the start of the scenario, and use the examination room key on the locked door. Enter, and pick up any yellow/gray chemical bottles you find, along with the lighter, if it's there. Exit the room through the opposite door, and deal with the hunters using your newly found weapons. It may not be possible to get rid of all hunters, but do your best to kill at least one.

Cross the hallway to the input panel. Now, those numbers you memorized a while ago...you can make six different passcode combinations with them. Try each one until the shutter opens. If you see yourself overwhelmed by hunters, go through the door opposite the examination room, turn left, and try codes in this panel. These shutters share the same passcode.

Now, one player should turn down the lasers in the laser emission room. The entrance to the switch is on the opposite end of the green passageway; the entrance to the large area is behind the first shutter. Turn the lasers off, then let the team go through the door at the far end, being careful of the hunter that may enter. If you wish, you can delay the laser deactivation, so the hunters try to cross the lasers and get fried in the process.

When you enter this room, a hunter will get close and try to slice you. Avoid him, and go the left to pick up a Lv. 1 ID card. Use it on the other end of the passageway to exit this room (if you try togo back, the lasers will have activated again.) You're back in the first shutter passageway. Follow it to the end, and use your keycard to open the door. Go through, and you will emerge at the hallway with the bloodstained panel. Use the ID card on the panel and enter the door. Now you can have a small moment of rest.

Continue through the hallway, ignoring the lasers on your left. Pick up the herb, if it's there, then go up the stairs and through the door. You will find Carter working on a control board; he will tell you to get a decoded MO disk to release a Tyrant and get rid of the hunters. It's not like you have any choice...but you do need an MO disk to continue.

# Finding Linda

Notice the FAS on the corner opposite Carter. Open the door close to him, and continue downstairs to yet another of those similar-looking passageways. This room is filled to the brim with hunters. If for some reason you still do not have an MO disk, one may spawn in this room. Take a sharp turn right, and quickly open the door to avoid the enemies. Go on and open the door close to the fire. Use the MO disk on the computer directly opposite the entrance to decode it (code A.) Pick up any goodies before the hunters enter the room, and make your way back to Carter.

Now you have a choice: you can either give Carter the decoded MO disk as is, or you can follow his advice and use the control panel nearby to decode the MO disk into code G. Tyrant-A is faster but it's easier to stun, while Tyrant-G is slower but way stronger. Give the decoded MO disk (A or G) to Carter, which triggers a cutscene. Exit the room from where you came in the first time, and go down the stairs. The laser panels are now destroyed, letting you pick up some goodies. Go opposite the stairs and exit the room. Let the Tyrant take care of the hunters, then open the door nearby. Continue through the passage, and you will see Linda unlocking a new door; follow her.

If you have gray chemical bottles, you can throw them into the vent here to quickly open it. If not, you can tackle it after the Tyrant destroys the hunters, or you can continue and find a crowbar, though this is not recommended on Very Hard. In any case, go through the now open vent, and explore the room to find a model grenade launcher. If David is on your team, he can combine the model launcher with his spare weapon parts to make a real launcher, if not, pick up the model launcher anyway. Return to the passageway, continuing through the winding path, and open the door. Behind the shutter panel here, a FAS may spawn. Now enter the nursery, and pick up the grenade launcher that's close to the entrance. After picking it up, immediately place the model launcher where the real one was, or you will get locked out of the room until you kill two hunters that will spawn. For some reason, these hunters are shorter than usual, and also a bit weaker.

Exit the nursery and follow the passageway to the end. Open the door, pick up any goodies nearby, then follow the metal passway to find Linda. A cutscene will now play...the Tyrant has decided you are his next victim! If you can, quickly pick up the Lv. 2 ID card that Carter leaves behind. A safer strat is to leave this room, let the Tyrant follow you, then immediately go back to pick up the keycard. In any case, return all the way to the broken vent, go through it and enter the door closest to where the model launcher was. Take a sharp turn right, and use the Lv. 2 ID card on the panel. After crossing this door, you can calmly breathe again.

Pick up anything in this room you might find useful, then call the elevator to the sewers. Continue through the straightforward path, and you will activate a cutscene with Linda.

# Getting down there

Move close to the middle of the pathway. Wait for the team to get there, then move slowly forward. The Tyrant will now appear. If you used the code A disk, you will be able to stun the Tyrant with gray chemical bottles; otherwise, you will need stronger artillery. Grenade rounds, Molotov cocktails, Kevin's .45 potshots, and Mark's powered swings will stun any flavor of Tyrant. In any case, go past him, and follow the rather straightforward path, picking up some goodies in the way. At the T-intersection, go through the short bridge and open the door.

In addition to the Lv. 2 ID card, Carter was also carrying a bomb switch. This is a very useful weapon in this scenario, since it will kill the Tyrant instantly. You do need to get close to him, and point the bomb switch at him for a few moments. I recommend you don't use the bomb switch on the sewers, since it will be more useful a bit later.

The first possible bomb switch location is behind the crates in the floodgate control room. If you push the crates first, you won't be able to take it! So make sure to check for the bomb switch first, then push the leftmost crate away from the entrance. Push the other crate along the flooring to create a way down. Jump through the hole, then dispose of a web spinner crawling around. Dispose of it, then push the heavy crate with Mark, or the help of an ally, for some recovery pills. Now climb up the crates in the middle, and start tackling the wooden barrier (the camera will directly point at it.) Ignore the zombie then go up the ladder. One player can stay in the ladder so the zombies get distracted, and the other players can safely explore the next couple of rooms. Go through the door closest to the ladder

The second possible bomb switch location is in the maintenance passage 2. Advance through the end of the hallway, and search the debris. Now return, enter the door on the right for some goodies, and continue through the maintenance passage 1 to unlock a door. You will find yourself in the floodgate control room; jump down the hole, then climb up the crawlspace in front of the forklift. David can open the hatch nearby for ammo or an antidote.

The third possible bomb switch location is in maintenance passage 3. There is another hatch David can open here for a recovery pill. Now go down the stairs, and check for an item underwater in the middle spotlight. Go up the ladder, taking care not to be attacked by zombies. In the old waterway, follow the path, past a zombie, and continue along the character's right wall. You will soon find a door; go through it and follow the path to a non-working elevator with some goodies. Return to the door, and take and turn right, then follow the middle path to a hole in the floor.

Now it's time to make another decision. Linda is down there in the next room; if a team member approaches her and activates the cutscene, whoever is in the old waterway, or any room before it, will have to follow the alternate route to the helicopter. If you were left behind, or want to follow the alternate route, jump to the respective section. Otherwise, keep reading.

Jump down the hole, and take a left turn. The final possible location for the bomb switch is at the end of this pathway. Avoid the two zombies, picking up the FAS they're guarding. If you already have the bomb switch, you can turn back now; otherwise, continue till the end of the sewer to find the bomb switch. Go talk to Linda to activate a cutscene.

# The sniper and the mine field

The team will wake up somewhere else after the cutscene. Pick up the rocket launcher, if it spawned here, then continue through this familiar area to a ladder. Go up and activate another cutscene with Linda.

In this area, Arnold (the UBCS soldier from the cutscene) will start shooting whenever you are on his line of sight. He will miss three times, and the fourth shot will always hit, most likely putting your character in Danger. If he or she has a dodge (Jim, George, Alyssa, Cindy or Yoko,) time it to absorb the hit. Otherwise, get out of Arnold's LOS to avoid getting damage. For a cheap tactic, you can enter the Apple Inn to rescue an injured Linda, and use her to avoid Arnold: release her between the second and third shots, then immediately grab her again, so the fourth shot hits you while in the grabbing animation; you will absorb the bullet completely and avoid any damage.

Don't just go around the area, though, because there are land mines around! They are very hard to spot at first; it's a good idea to learn the most common mine locations. You can shoot mines to detonate them from afar; projectile weapons will also work, as well as scrub brushes (and maybe long poles.) Yoko's dodge and even George's capsule shooter will also be able to detonate mines in a pinch. Carefully make your way to the construction site along the right wall, detonating two mines and avoiding Arnold. You can bring Linda along, if you want, or you can come back for her later.

A zombie may spawn here: kill him. The magnum revolver may also spawn in this room, in a bench close to the excavator. Continue to the next area, detonating two mines in the process. In the highway, a U.S.S. zombie will greet you; dispose of him however you wish. U.S.S. zombies are extremely fast, so watch out! Look in the blind spot under the car opposite the entrance for a green herb...or the magnum revolver, if you're lucky. Follow the metal grate on the left to another car; open its back lid for a weapon, either a shotgun or a rocket launcher. Keep advancing, avoiding zombies and detonating mines, until you find a set of double doors you can go through. Pick up the ammo on the left, then continue through the hallway to activate a countdown.

You now have three minutes to get to the chopper. If you want to end the scenario now, make sure you bring the bomb switch and the rocket launcher. Follow the hallway, go through the warehouse, and go outside. Turn right to activate a cutscene with the Tyrant. When he gets close, stun him (with the rocket launcher if necessary) then use the bomb switch close to him. Now continue through this familiar path to the chopper; the scenario will end when the countdown reaches zero and you are inside the chopper. If you brought Linda all the way with you, you will get the best ending.

If you don't want to end the scenario now, you will have to be outside the chopper when the countdown ends. You can explore Main Street for some items. If you still have some seconds left, pick up some goodies inside the chopper. Try not to use the rocket launcher or the bomb switch: they will be very useful in a few minutes.

# The valve handles and the Tyrant

If you were left behind after the flood cutscene, you will notice the drainage area is indeed filled with water when you jump down from the old waterway; as always, water will slow you down. Move to the area where Linda was lying, and pick up a valve handle. Follow the flooded pathway, avoiding the two zombies. In the next area, check the end of the sewer for the bomb switch if you haven't picked it up yet, then use the valve handle on the six-sided hole. A ladder will go down: climb it, then go right, avoiding the zombie David. Open the door, make your way to the floodgate control room, and use the valve handle on the strange contraption to make a four-sided handle. Return to the area with the zombie David, then use the modified handle on the four-sided hole to lower another ladder. Follow the ladder to Main Street.

Go right, then left for a green herb. Now explore the area for some goodies; when you approach the exit, you will activate a cutscene with the Tyrant. Continue through Main Street and you will find the chopper. Enter the chopper to find Rodriguez, and pick up anything you may deem useful. Go back outside, doing your best to avoid the Tyrant, and go up a set of stairs to the footbridge. Keep avoiding the Tyrant, and you will reach a set of stairs. Go down, and you will find a soldier holding a mine detector. A shotgun may also spawn here, if you need it. Shoot the mines, using the mine detector if necessary, then go right at the open truck to find a door. Enter the warehouse.

There are three zombies, including a pesky U.S.S. zombie. Pick up the goodies here (make sure you check the cabinet in the corner,) then enter the wooden door. Follow the hallway to activate a countdown. If you want to end the scenario now, go back to Main Street, then wait for the counter to reach zero while inside the chopper (don't bother with Linda, you won't have enough time.) Otherwise, wait here.

# Boss battle: Nyx

If you did not make it to the chopper in time, a zombie will break open a door where the countdown started. Follow the hallway through the destroyed door, and go up the stairs. Now you must make your way to the roof, but the camera angles don't help your cause at all. If you have it, the shotgun will clear your path very easily, and you will find another shotgun, fully loaded, in a few moments, so don't be afraid to use it. At the rooftop, you will need to time a jump to the highway. Press the action button when your character lands their second foot. Keep going and you will activate a cutscene. Enter Nyx...

Nyx has a ton of health, so this will be a very long battle if you don't know what to do. He can attack with an arm swing; get away from him to avoid it. He will kneel and shoot blobs at your team; take note of the blobs' shadows to avoid this attack. He may perform a vertical arm swing; if you get hit by this attack, you will be absorbed by Nyx, so be very careful. And lastly, whenever he lands his right foot, tentacles will sprawl from it, putting your character in Bleed; when you see Nyx taking a step with his right foot, get away from him. He will also attack with his back tentacles if you get behind him. And last, he will charge towards you if you get too far away from him, though this is uncommon.

You should still have the bomb switch found at the sewer areas. Use it to open Nyx's core, then shoot it with the rocket launcher. Keep shooting his core and he will be down in no time. If you don't have the bomb switch, or Nyx's core is closes, you will have to attack the absorbed Tyrant to open the core, attack Nyx so he kneels down, then shoot the core. Nyx is weak to knives; fortunately, a survival knife always spawns in this area. You will also find grenade rounds, a shotgun, gray chemical bottles, and revolver rounds. Failing that, there are plenty of melee weapons lying around.

Here's a nice tip, directly from https://twitch.tv/Sairentozon7: as long as you don't attack Nyx's core, it will not close. So attack the absorbed Tyrant until Nyx's core is fully opened, then unleash all of your heavy artillery at the core.

After Nyx goes down, go up the track next to the highway opening to end the scenario. If you want the best ending, go for Linda: you will find a metal plate you can use for a makeshift bridge. Pick Linda up (wherever she is,) then bring her to the truck. Once in the rooftop, she can make it by herself, you can still help her until you reach the boss battle area. Now go inside the truck to end the scenario.