# Alyssa

Here's the scoop...
  • Name: Alyssa Ashcroft
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Journalist
  • An intrepid journalist, Alyssa is always looking for a scoop.

Alyssa is a very balanced character in Outbreak. While she has average health, it's just enough to always get from Danger to caution using a green herb, allowing her to escape if she's injured. She also has a slow VG rate, and above average speed

Alyssa has a set of four lockpicks, which will allow her to open doors "locked with a simple lock," i.e.most breakable doors. This allows for faster, safer scenarios, particularly Wild Things and Underbelly. She can also unlock "simple lock" drawers and lockers, allowing her to get some nice items. Of course, this ability is useless in Eliminations and Showdowns. Refer to each scenario page to see which pick is adequate for any locked door, drawer or locker you may encounter.

Like Kevin, Alyssa has the ability to do potshots. Just keep holding the aim button, and Alyssa will adjust her position to deliver a critical hit. The animation is longer than Kevin's, though. Contrary to popular belief, Alyssa's potshots are just as powerful as Kevin's.

Alyssa has the ability to dodge attacks, depending on the game. In File #1, she will do a backstep, leaving her just outside the range of most common attacks; in File #2, she does a full back hop, which has invincibility frames for most of the animation. This back hop allows her to dodge most attacks if timed right. A bit of practice is needed to get the most of her dodge. This command also allows her to quickly move, and especially go up stairs, even while in Danger.

In File #2, Alyssa starts with a stun gun. As the name says, it will stun most enemies, but it does little damage; use it to escape from enemies. The stun gun can be charged with batteries, though David makes a better use of them.