# Jim

My life is s***!
  • Name: Jim Chapman
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: Subway staff
  • A worker at Raccoon Metro. Complains a lot, and enjoys puzzles.

Jim is a character based on luck. He carries a lucky coin, which he can flip to increase his critical hit rate for every consecutive heads calling. Since critical hits stagger any foe, he can be deployed on the front lines and succeed, if you got at least 3 consecutive heads. Players must be careful, though, since he has below average health, and mediocre speed, coupled with a very high virus gauge.

Jim has the ability to play dead, which will cause enemies to ignore him. His ability also has a few invincibility frames, which will allow him to dodge most attacks. While lying on the floor, however, his virus gauge will raise as if being knocked down. Jim players have to keep track of his gauge, or have healing items ready to stop the VG. And in File #2, he is no longer invulnerable while playing dead, so any stray attacks will still hit him, particularly from hornets.

Jim can pinpoint the location of items in a room without the need of picking them up. They appear as question marks in the map. This ability is not that useful, since most items are easy to find.

In File #2, he can quickly attack with a melee weapon by correctly timing his swings. This will allow him to make quick work of zombie hordes and most static bosses, since he will most likely couple this with the lucky coin.

Vanilla Jim starts with a lucky coin which doubles weapon durability and prevents hunters from breaking your handguns or shotguns.

In Underbelly, he will be able to travel through ventilation holes. Again, this is based on luck: you can get some key items early, or you can end in the refuse dump. More details in the Underbelly page.