# Decisions, Decisions

Destruction. Darkness. We quickly raced forward knowing all well that each decision we made held newfound hope or endless despair.


  • Find two jewels to reveal a secret passage where Peter is...working?
  • Find the V-Poison, by going through the subway area and exhaustion tower.
  • Find the P-Base, by going through the sewers. Make sure to use a sealed case.
  • Find the T-Blood, by luring Thanatos into some hanging wires.
  • Use the V-Poison, P-Base and T-Blood to synthesize Daylight, the cure to the T-virus.
  • Escape Raccoon University before it explodes.
  • Defeat Thanatos.

# Lockpick solutions (Alyssa)

Location Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
1F Elevator room locker S S S W
B4F T-shaped corridor → Store room P P S W
Store room → Power puzzle room I I S W
Control room locker P P P S

# Codes for the level

Elevator codes


These codes can be input as soon as the cutscene with Peter ends. The elevator won't allow you to input anything before then.

# Before starting

You need two jewels to access the area where Peter is. You will also need a passcode to use the elevator later. Before you start your jewel hunt, you might want to visit the elevator passway, which is through the southwest door in 1F. There is a hidden red herb behind the glass; also, the locker closest to the elevator contains another herb.

You can complete the following three areas in any order you want, but I recommend going for the blue jewel first, to spawn as few zombies in the main hall as possible. If you know the passcode beforehand, you can activate the elevator without going to the hallway B, and avoid spawning more zombies; there are only 4 possible combinations.

# Blue jewel in the statue

Go up the stairs, and enter the southeast door. Avoid the quickly approaching zombie, continue past the green herb, and avoid a second zombie. If you're playing as Cindy (or Cindy-type,) you can now enter the door on the left to pull a Jill Valentine by playing the grand piano. Pick up the blue jewel (and ammo if needed,) and skip the next paragraph.

Other characters should enter the door on the right, and keep running to the door on the front to the president's room. If zombies followed you, enter and exit the room so as to keep them in the drawing room. Alternately, if you're not Mark, go under the bed and wait for the zombies to leave. There is some ammo under the bed, if you need it. Now approach the fireplace, and pull either the red or the blue string. Both will lower a statue's arm in another room, but one of the strings will also spawn a zombie. In any case, return to the 2F hallway, and enter the door on the left. The statue's arm should be down now; pick up the blue jewel from the statue, and some handgun ammo nearby if you need it. Return to the main hall.

# Red jewel in the cuckoo clock

Enter the east door in 1F. Pick up an anti virus pill from the table stand, then open the door on the other side. Wait for the zombies to enter the room, then exit and reenter. Now, open the panel on the left, and input the correct time in the cuckoo clock. The code on Very Hard is always 02:50; there is a document nearby containing the code if you want to verify it yourself. Exit the room and return to the main hall.

# Optional: The passcode

Enter the southeast door. Avoid the zombie and enter the next room. Push the wooden table stand on the left for a FAS. Continue to find a red herb, then open the door ahead. Read the document close to the entrance for a part of the code. Take note of this code. Further ahead, the circuit board is actually an entrance to the testing passage A. If you have the time and patience, you can break this door open, and go up the ladder for a very powerful weapon. I don't recommend doing this right now, for reasons explained later in the guide.

Continue through the hallway B to find another door. This door can only be opened from this side; if you want to enter from the main hall, you will need to force open it. The good news is that after you break it for the first time, it's a lot easier to open it afterwards. In any case, return to the main hall.

# Peter Jenkins, and the elevator

You should have everything you need to proceed, including both jewels. Look for a moose head on the north wall, and use the jewels on it to open a secret passage. Enter it and go downstairs to activate a cutscene. Quickly pick up the pills, read the documents if you want, and exit. Go to the elevator room (SW door), and input the code on the computer. Now enter the elevator; you can go to either 3F, B2F or B4F.

You will need to collect three components to synthesize a compound codenamed Daylight. I will guide you through the next sections in the order I usually follow in this scenario, which avoids the pier completely, but feel free to complete it however you wish. These sections are The P-Base 1, The P-Base 2, The V-Poison and The T-Blood.

# Optional: the pier

Go to B2F, and continue until you find a manhole. If George is not on the team, you will find him next to the manhole; interact with him to get some pills. Exit the room through the door closest to the manhole. Pick up some ammo from the rusty barrels, then proceed to the pier. You will see zombie sharks swimming around. Carefully move through the pier, and pick up the keycard and the FAS. Avoid attacks from the sharks! If they hit you, you will fall into the water, and the sharks will IK you if they hit! At the other end, there is a large set of stairs, leading to the university's back square. Enter the door, and after the cutscene, use the keycard on the reader; this door leads to the hallway B. Now make your way to the elevator, either via the pier or the university.

# The P-base: part 1

Go to B2F, avoid the zombie, and get some pills from George, if he's here. Go down the manhole, then continue along the flooded passageway to a metal door. Wait for the zombie to get close to you, avoid him and go up the ladder. If you have trouble with this zombie, kill it or get on/off the ladder continuously; you are invincible during this animation. Follow the passageway, and enter the door.

At the intersection, turn right. Keep going through the doors, until you arrive at a huge room in the sewers. Go left to enter a restroom; a grenade launcher with four burst rounds may spawn here. Now return, and go along the path until you find a pipe hanging on the ceiling, and some .45 ammo. Use the pipe to reach a metal structure with either grenade rounds or herbs. Now return, and go past the short bridge to activate a cutscene.

Hunter gammas will now appear in several rooms. For now, pick up a key with a blue tag, which is close to where you stand right now. There's also a FAS nearby. Now return to the T-intersection, while avoiding hunter gammas. Go straight, continuing through the hallways, and enter the last door you see. Take note of the machine with cylindrical slots, and open the door with the blue tag key.

There are two hunter gammas in this area, Avoid them as best as you can, and make your way to the other end of the room. Your character is invincible while either climbing or descending ledges, as well as getting in/out of the water. Use the control panel to unlock a door, and pick up the grenade rounds on the right, if they spawn here; return to the T-intersection. You now need to make your way to the other side of the huge sewer room. You can return to this area the same way you came in the first time, but the hunter gammas will probably eat you alive - literally - before you are able to traverse the two hanging pipes. If you dare challenge them, go to the metal structure where you found the grenade rounds/herb, and use the second pipe to arrive on a pile of crates. Go left and enter the door to a control room; continue to part 2.

The safest way, though, is through the manhole on the back square. If you haven't reached the back square yet, you can do it via the pier, or via B4F. If you go through the pier, go down the manhole located close to the metal gate in the main square, and quickly go left to enter a control room; jump to part 2. If you want to go via B4F, and therefore avoiding the pier, return to the elevator via B2F, and keep reading.

# The V-Poison

Take the elevator to B4F, and pick up the antidote lying on the floor, as well as the pesticide spray; enter the door. This hallway is infested with web spinners, the only ones in File 1. Avoid the first one by going down a couple steps, then walking back to avoid the jump attack. Continue through the stairs, and step down the ledge, going past the next two web spinners. Finally, on the other end, climb the left and go down the stairs while sticking close to the left wall to avoid the final web spinner.

In this area, go left and up the stairs for some herbs. Now check the machine seat: an assault rifle may spawn here. Return and check the pillar on the left for a red herb. Now exit the area by going to the right. Quickly board the subway car. Tackle the incoming zombie, or use item lag to pick up the FAS. Keep going and pick up the AR if it spawn here. Cross to the next car; tackle the first zombie, advance until the camera angle shifts, then tackle the next zombie using manual aim. If you use auto-aim, you will target the first zombie, and you will be in trouble. In any case, exit the car, and hurry to the door on the other side.

The next area is one of the hardest in File 1, especially if you were unlucky and didn't get the AR. Advance through the hallway, past the door and the T-intersection, and you will find a door and a crawlspace. If you got the AR, use it shoot the door open. If Alyssa is here, she can try her hand and pick the lock. In any case, enter the door, and skip the next paragraph.

If you don't have the AR, or if Alyssa is not here/isn't able to pick the lock, go through the crawlspace. A pesky bee will start attacking you. If you still got the pesticide spray, or any other weapon, attack the bee until it dies or disappears (you will stop hearing its buzz). The drop-down-and-climb technique used on Hellfire will most likely not work here, since bees are so fast. Advance through the narrow pipe and enter the crawlspace here.

Look for a movable bookcase next to the locked door; as long as you're pushing it, you're invulnerable. Quickly enter the revealed crawlspace, and solve the puzzle here to turn on the power on the cooling tower. Unlock the door, if the zombies didn't already, then exit and return to the T-intersection. Now you have a choice: you can either return to the elevator, or continue through the emission tower. If you chose the latter, skip the next paragraph.

If you choose to return after returning power to the emission tower, complete the optional pier section above if you haven't already, then enter the back square's second door on the northwest. Pick up some anti virus pills, then enter the emission tower. Go down the stairs, and obtain a V-Poison from the hive; now return, enter the university and go inside the elevator.

If you chose to continue through the emission tower, go south, avoiding the zombies. If needed, you can reset their position by entering the door closest to the ladder. Here in the control room, Alyssa can open the locker for the brass spectacles. There's also an AR clip and handgun ammo in this room, should you explore it. Return to the T-intersection, and go further south to find a ladder; climb it to the next room. Follow the passageway to a door that says "Employees only" and enter it. Immediately run forward and right towards the elevator; activate the elevator by interacting with the panel.

While the elevator goes up, run in circles! This way, you will avoid the majority of attacks from bees. Jim can also take an anti virus pill, then lay down to avoid any attack from the bees. Once the elevator arrives to the B1 emission tower, exit the elevator, then follow the path to a T-intersection. Go left, and pick up the V-Poison on the hive. Continue to find a green herb, and some stairs. Do your best to avoid the bees, and go up these stairs, then enter the door. Get some anti virus pills in the emission tower station, then exit to activate a cutscene, if you haven't been to the back square before. In any case, go down the manhole on the northeast, then go left, down then up some crates to enter the quality assurance test room.

# The P-Base: part 2

You should already have completed part 1 If not, complete it, then return here. Pick up an anti virus pill, then open the farthest door. The next door should be unlocked; avoid the hunter and enter the water tank from another side. Climb up the ledge with the broken ladder, and enter the room for a sealed case. When the hunters are on solid ground, jump into the water, then quickly climb to the metal bridge. Exit to the management office, and use your sealed case on the machine to obtain the P-Base.

Now exit to the sewer passageways. Enter the door on the south wall, and pick up the grenade launcher and a FAS. Return to the T-intersection, then to the waterway and to B2F. Enter the elevator.

# The T-Blood

Return to the university's main hall, either via passageway B or the elevator hallway. Thanatos will jump from a window. Enter the southeast door, then continue to the passageway B until you find some hanging cables and a switch. Take note of the dirt patch under the cables. When he reaches this room, let him get over this dirt patch, then activate the switch. Thanatos will fall and he will spawn a T-Blood vial; pick it up, then return to the elevator via the main hall. Go to 3F.

# Greg and Daylight

By this time, you should have all three ingredients for Daylight. If you missed any of them, check out their respective sections, then return here. Follow the hallway, and pick up a FAS hidden at the far end. Now enter the experiment preparation room, pick up some goodies, then enter the lab. Use the three ingredients on the metal contraption in the east wall. One of two possible cutscenes will activate, depending of the team members in the lab room. If someone is still strolling around, they will be summoned to the lab after a few minutes. In any case, another cutscene will play, and the mixing machine will have stopped. Enter the eastern door, and follow the path to a big entrance. When you enter the next room, a cutscene will play.

You now have eight minutes to escape the university. Interact with the computers here to reactivate the mixing machine, and unlock all university doors. You must decide which ending you get. In any case, you might want to get an additional Daylight for later. Return to the room Greg was in, and enter the northern door. Descend the ladder, and unlock the door. Enter to the President's room, and make your way to the 2F hallway. If you have the brass spectacles, use then on the bust nearby, then follow the path to the hallway B, then outside the university. Wait for the timer to end, and skip the next paragraph.

If you don't have the brass spectacles, continue to the main hall. If you forced open the northwestern door, tackle or shoot it to enter the passageway B, and exit to the back square. Otherwise, enter the southeastern door, and continue through the halls to exit the university. Now wait for the timer to reach zero.

# Boss battle: Thanatos' second form

After the countdown reaches zero, some bees will spawn. Enter the southeastern door to the unloading area. Pick up any useful goods, then continue to activate the fight against Thanatos.

Thanatos is very fast with his attacks. Abuse the ledges (going up/down) to avoid his attacks. On the northeast, there is a locker you can shoot open for a rocket launcher. There are also folding knives scattered around. Thanny's weak spot is the protrusion on his right breast. Four grenade rounds will dispose of him; otherwise, use the AR, rocket launcher, and handgun, to shoot his chest. Thanatos is 5× weak to knives, for the record.

After you defeat him, a couple cutscenes will play, and you will confront Thanatos again. There is an ampule shooter close to your starting position. If you have some Daylight in your inventory, load the ampule shooter with Daylight, then use it on Thanatos to kill him. You can also defeat him by brute force. After Thanatos falls again, the scenario ends.