# Showdown 3

This is probably the most played scenario online. It comprises 11 stages, including all of Showdowns 1 and 2 bosses, as well as a final surprise!

# Stage 1: G-Mutant

Get the regular handgun, Magnum handgun, shotgun and the first survival knife, along with any healing items you may deem useful, particularly the blue herbs and the 3 recovery pills. The burst handgun isn't really that useful, especially since you won't find clips for it. There is also a battery and an iron pipe, in addition to a hammer.

G-Mutant is weak to the .45 handgun, so Kevin can deal a good bit of damage. Potshots are complicated to perform, though, because of the little mutants always getting in your way. And as in Showdown 1, the train controls won't work.

# Stage 2: Giant leech

The first grenade launcher is here, loaded with three burst rounds. These are very useful later, so try not to use them this early on; instead, you may pick up and use acid rounds, which you can also find here. There's also lots of handgun ammo, a pair of clips, and the handgun itself.

The first of six newspaper+bottle pickups is here; don't forget to pick it up, since Molotov cocktails can stun any boss. There's also a pick up worth 14 shotgun rounds, very useful for later battles (Regis licker and Stalker.)

As for the Giant Leech, don't forget its spit can poison your character, which can put a strain on your health: that's where the blue herbs from last battle are useful. Remember the leech is weak to melee and tackles; try to lure him to the canal's end and attack. Sometimes, it bugs himself and advances quickly without attacking: if you see this behavior, stop attacking and allow the leech to get to the end.

# Stage 3: Regis licker

The bomb switch spawns here, don't forget to pick it up!

Aside from the bomb switch, there's the second grenade launcher, and the second newspaper+bottle. Alyssa and David players can make good use of the battery laying around, since lickers are weak to electricity.

Dispose of the licker minions (which revive after a short while,) then attack Regis licker. Besides electricity, both licker types are also weak to shotgun rounds.

# Stage 4: Thanatos I

The lighter spawns here. You can now make up to 10 Molotov cocktails! Other useful items include the first AR, the second survival knife, 14 shotgun rounds, 45 handgun rounds, and several healing items.

Besides the usual suspects, Thanatos can get stun locked by means of iron pipes and hammers, so use that to your advantage. It's best to use your weaker weapons on him. And beware of his instakill move!

# Stage 5: Thanatos II

The third survival knife and newspaper+bottle pickups are here. There's also a .45 round pickup worth 7 bullets, as well as 3 grenade acid rounds.

If you have the Magnum handgun, you can use it on Thanatos II to quickly dispose of him. Otherwise, the regular handgun also works well. If you happen to have the burst handgun, it will also be of help, since you have more chances to score a critical hit.

# Stage 6: Oscar (Titan)

Heal as needed, then go down the ladder to find 2 grenade burst rounds, the second AR, and tons of melee weapons. Remember to hit Oscar at the apex of his standing attack. You may also get lucky and stun lock him by hitting his rear.

# Stage 7: Max (Stalker)

If you're player 1 or 3, you'll get tackled almost immediately by the three lions. Quickly move out of their way, and pick up (7) shotgun rounds, (3) grenade burst rounds, and the fourth newspaper+bottle. There's also a red herb, most of the time being hidden by the crashed cars close to the zoo entrance.

Now deal with the beasts. They can get stun locked pretty easily with the help of the shotgun. Dispose of the two lionesses, then start attacking Max. When he goes to the station roof, try to land some (handgun) shots on him to stop his healing and make him return to the arena. Also, if you stun him before he jumps, you'll avoid his retreating+healing. Keep shooting until Max is defeated.

# Stage 8: Gigabite

This battle is a lot easier than in Showdown 2. The three Megabites do not respawn after being killed. They die easily to a burst round each. Molotov cocktails and Magnum shots will also quickly dispose of them. Speaking of which, there a pickup worth 7 Magnum rounds. You can also find a shotgun, 3 grenade acid rounds, and lots of pipes/poles, along with plenty of herbs. If George is on the team, he can try his luck with the capsule shooter and green pills.

Remember there's a blind spot by the right side of the room where you can easily avoid the megabite stampede attack. Keep shooting Gigabite until he falls.

# Stage 9: Tyrant-R

He appears to be the Code-A version.

You can pick up here the second grenade launcher, loaded with 6 acid rounds. There's also a shotgun shell pickup worth 21 rounds, 3 recovery pills, a FAS, and some herbs.

Your best bet is to unleash the heavy artillery on the Tyrant, so as to stunlock him. He's very fast and his flail attack is an instakill, so don't let him attack you! You can also use the bomb switch in a pinch.

# Stage 10: Nyx

Hope you still got your bomb switch! You can easily dispose of Nyx with the bomb switch and the AR (there's a clip for it worth 30 rounds.)

Other interesting stuff includes the rocket launcher, a shotgun, and the final survival knife, in case you want to chop Nyx to pieces. There are also 3 grenade rounds, a battery, an iron pipe and a hammer.

# Final Stage

Hah, you thought you were done, didn't you?

You are confronted with two Tyrants (code A and code G.) Use the rocket launcher to quickly dispose of one of them. It won't kill but it will put a good dent on its health. NPCs like Axeman and Mr. Red can one-shot kill a tyrant.

There's a 75% chance to find 5 grenade burst rounds. There's also another AR, shotgun and magnum, in addition to two newspaper+bottle pickups. Dispose of both Tyrants to end this challenge...you wish.

Enter Tyrant-C. This red-suited enemy is essentially a Tyrant-G on steroids. In addition to every vanilla Tyrant move, he also has the flail instakill attack from Tyrant-R. Be very, very careful. If you have grenade rounds, stunlock him to death, otherwise, use Molotov cocktails or potshot a Magnum. Best of luck!