# Below Freezing Point

We escaped the zombies and found our way into a frozen underground facility. What truths lie beyond the cries of pain in the distance?


  • Get inside Umbrella's underground lab.
  • Find the ingredients necessary for synthesizing V-JOLT. Use it to destroy the giant plant's vines blocking the ladders.
  • Gain access to B5F and B4F using the valve handle after destroying the giant plant.
  • Thaw the lab's upper floors. Non-Yoko characters will need to register their fingerprint at the control room in B5F (the moth room in classic RE2) in order to accomplish this.
  • Get inside the train car before time's up!
  • Defeat the G-Mutant.

# Lockpick solutions (Alyssa)

Location Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Break room locker S S I S

# Codes for the level

Chemical Storage Room tanks063445099741
B5F Control Room codesCodes
Door to B5F Computer RoomC582A375J126
Shutter to B4F Culture RoomA194B482D580
Turntable countdown (after thaw)HOPE


The codes in the control room go in pairs, that is, if e.g.: one of the codes is C582, the other one is A194. The code for the VP-017 in the chemical storage room is independent of this set.

Also, note that the first two pair of codes can be input at any moment, however, the turntable countdown code will only work after you watch the cutscene where the train is thawed.

# Monica's scheme

Wait for the cutscene with Monica, then go into the next room. Turn right and go up the ledge. Continue to trigger another cutscene with Monica. Go to the end of the platform for an item, then go inside the passageway next to the ledge. You will reach a broken lift. Go down, then up the long set of stairs, until you find a crawlspace; go through it.

You may end in one of four hallways: B6F east hallway. B6F south hallway, B7F east hallway, B7F south hallway. If you arrive at B6F, you will need to get a hold of a valve handle to lower a ladder; if you arrive at B7F, you will need to acquire the UMB No.5 and VP-017 chemicals to synthesize V-Jolt, and use it on the huge plant in the duct area. I will list B6F first, then B7F.

# The valve handle

If you arrive in B6F, be it in the east or south passage, immediately move to the security center! This way, zombies will not wake up. Force open one of the two hatches close to their respective entrances and get the valve handle. Use it on the valve hole next to the central door, and go inside to get some goodies. You can interact with the central panel, and input some codes that unlock doors in B4F and B5F. If you opt to do this, it will save you some backtracking, but it's not needed.

If you wish, you can go to the B6F east passage, and follow it past some vending machines to the break room. Pick up any goodies, especially the FAS. If you already completed B7F, go to the duct and use the valve handle on the slot next to the ladder; jump to Fingerprints and keycards. Otherwise, go down the ladder in the central room, and open the door here to enter B7F.

# The V-Jolt

VP-017: If you arrived to B7F via ladder or by falling into the east passage, move into the lab and read the code in the computer. Now return to the east passage (door in the corner,) and enter the chemical storage room. Turn right and input the passcode you just read in the computer. If zombies are a problem, either dispose of them, or reset the room by exiting and entering. Now pick up the VP-017 chemical and return to the B7F lab. Get the UMB No.5 if you haven't already, then move to the duct.

UMB No.5: Advance through the south passage, and take the perpendicular path at the T-Intersection; you may probably have arrived here from the crawlspace. Enter the chemical disposal room, and go through the red door. Take the UMB No.9 (it looks like a jerrycan; use item lag if necessary) and exit the room completely. Get the VP-017 if you haven't already, and go to the duct.

You will find a dying lab researcher in the duct; if you happen to have a spare FAS, you can give it to him to obtain a healthy number of gray chemical bottles. Now combine the VP-017 and the UMB No.9 to synthesize V-Jolt, and use it on the giant plant for a cutscene. Go up the ladder; if you haven't got the valve handle yet, go to its section, and complete it.

# Fingerprints and keycards

Use the valve handle to lower the ladder, if you haven't done it yet, and interact with it for a cutscene, then go up. If you unlocked the doors using the panel in B6F, or if Yoko wants a Magnum handgun, enter the door in B5F and skip this paragraph. Otherwise, go up the next ladder to B4F. Advance through this familiar hallway, and exit to the main shaft; a giant moth will greet you. Avoid its poison spores, there's not a lot of blue herbs in this level. If you didn't use the codes in the B6F control panel, go to the turntable and pick up the lab card key, which is in front of the security office door; return to the main shaft. If your fingerprint is already registered, enter the east passageway; skip the next paragraph. Otherwise, return to the duct, and enter the door at B5F.

Walk through this passageway, picking up any goodies, then enter the crawlspace. Follow this winding passageway, avoiding two zombies, and read the note at the end before entering the second crawlspace. In front of the P-4 lab door, a lab researcher (that looks awfully similar to Carter from End of the Road will give Yoko the Magnum handgun. You can now return to B4F; skip the rest of the paragraph. Otherwise, use the computer next to the shutter to open it. Avoid or stomp the moth larvae, then enter the computer room, using the lab card key if necessary. Use the computer on the other side to register your fingerprint; this can only be done if you read the note in the emergency passage. Return to the B4F west passage the way you came. Be careful when you enter the main shaft: if you took less than two minutes from the computer room, a cutscene may play, and one member of the team will be "kidnapped" by the moth, back to the computer room. If nobody was in the computer room at the time, the kidnapped player will also be poisoned; in any case, they will have to make their way back to the main shaft (again). Finally, enter the east passageway.

# Above freezing point

If you used the passcodes in B6F, a hunter will be waiting for you. If not, use the lab card key on the lector to raise the shutter, revealing said hunter; kill or avoid him. Now, a player with a registered fingerprint must unlock the next door in the panel nearby; for the record, since she's an Umbrella employee, Yoko will always have her fingerprint registered. Enter the culture room, and get the blowtorch from the decaying human corpse. Return to the passageway, and go straight to enter the low temperature room. Use the blowtorch on the frozen scientist to activate a cutscene.

You now have two options: you can either go to the turntable, or return to the control room in B6F. If you decide to go directly to the turntable, wait until another cutscene plays, then use the turntable key, located next to the control panel it must be used on. If you decide to return to B6F, use the passcode "HOPE" after the melting cutscene plays. In any case, a 3-minute countdown will start. To continue to the boss fight, you must be in the turntable room by the time the next cutscene plays! Otherwise, a special cutscene will be shown for any stray players, where their character becomes hunter chow. If you wait in the turntable room or main shaft, you will need to avoid the hunters; the best way to deal with them is to lure them to the main shaft, then hurry to the turntable, and climb up the ledge on the left side of the train.

A cutscene will play, and the elevator will raise. You will end up in the boss battle arena. Get ready for a fight!

# Boss battle: G-Mutant

G-mutant can be a long battle if you're not well armed. He is weak to Kevin's .45; hopefully you have some bullets left. In any case, he has two main attacks: he will swing his right arm when you're close, and he will spawn some G-babies. If you're attacked by a baby, quickly mash the direction button or shake the left analog stick to get rid of them; you can stomp them dead, but they will respawn. G-babies will make potshotting a tedious task because they interrupt Kevin's and Alyssa's lock-on animation.

At any time, you can interact with the panel on the right side of the train to activate it, probably ramming the G-Mutant. It does have ~60 seconds of cooldown, so keep that in mind. The train is nice if you're out of ammo, or are going for a no weapon clear. Keep attacking the G-Mutant, and after a while, he will die, ending this scenario.