# Elimination 3

# Overview

You start at J's Bar (Outbreak.)

The real deal. Lots of hunters (beta and gamma,) lions, bees and lickers will make your life hell. To make matters worse, some rooms are booby-trapped, just like End of the Road. Be very careful!

Yoko is perfect for this scenario, since she can carry lots of goodies and can deactivate mines with her dodge. Kevin with his .45 and Mark with his handgun will also be of great help.


Mines do not count as defeated enemies, though they are still listed below.

# Enemy List

  • 1F Doctor's Office: 2 x Hunter (Beta)
  • Path to Observation Deck: 2 x Web spinner
  • 1F Apple Inn Square: 1 x Lion, 1 x Dog
  • B4F Subway Car: 1 x Hunter (Beta), 1 x Hunter (Gamma)
  • Stairwell: 2 x Hunter (Beta)
  • Show Animals' Board House: 1 x Hunter (Beta), 1 x Hunter (Gamma), 2 x Dog
  • B2F Passage: 3 x Mine
  • Locker Room: 1 x Leech
  • Pier: 2 x Hunter (Gamma)
  • 1F Hospital Hall: 2 x Bite
  • Room 206: 1 x Hunter (Beta)
  • Linda Sewers: 3 x Mine
  • B1F Parking Garage: 2 x Lion
  • University Sewers (left and right): 3 x Hunter (Gamma)
  • B5F Main Shaft: 4 x Bee
  • 1F Apartment: 2 x Licker
  • 1F Examination Room: 3 x Hunter (Beta)
  • Stairwell: 2 x Mine
  • B6F East Passage: 1 x Hunter (Beta), 1 x Hunter (Gamma)
  • 1F R.P.D. Office: 2 x Mine

# Map

Elimination_3 cluster_mainloop1 cluster_mainloop2 cluster_mainloop3 cluster_mainloop4 cluster_mainloop5 cluster_mainloop6 1F Apple Inn Square 1F Apple Inn Square B4F Subway Car B4F Subway Car 1F Apple Inn Square--B4F Subway Car Stairwell (Underbelly) Stairwell (Underbelly) B4F Subway Car--Stairwell (Underbelly) Show Animals' Board House Show Animals' Board House Stairwell (Underbelly)--Show Animals' Board House Path to Observation Deck Path to Observation Deck Path to Observation Deck--1F Apple Inn Square 1F R.P.D. Office 1F R.P.D. Office Path to Observation Deck--1F R.P.D. Office B2F Passage B2F Passage Path to Observation Deck--B2F Passage 1F R.P.D. Office--Show Animals' Board House B6F East Passage B6F East Passage 1F R.P.D. Office--B6F East Passage Pier Pier Show Animals' Board House--Pier Show Animals' Board House--B2F Passage 1F Examination Room 1F Examination Room 1F Apartment 1F Apartment 1F Examination Room--1F Apartment B5F Main Shaft B5F Main Shaft 1F Apartment--B5F Main Shaft Stairwell (EotR) Stairwell (EotR) B6F East Passage--Stairwell (EotR) University Sewers (left) University Sewers (left) Stairwell (EotR)--University Sewers (left) University Sewers (left)--1F Examination Room University Sewers (right) University Sewers (right) B1F Parking Garage B1F Parking Garage University Sewers (right)--B1F Parking Garage Linda Sewers Linda Sewers B1F Parking Garage--Linda Sewers 1F Hospital Hall 1F Hospital Hall Linda Sewers--1F Hospital Hall B5F Main Shaft--University Sewers (right) Pier--1F Hospital Hall Room 206 Room 206 1F Hospital Hall--Room 206 J's Bar J's Bar 1F Doctor's Office 1F Doctor's Office J's Bar--1F Doctor's Office 1F Doctor's Office--Path to Observation Deck B2F Passage--1F Examination Room B2F Passage--B1F Parking Garage B2F Passage--B5F Main Shaft Locker Room (Flashback) Locker Room (Flashback) B2F Passage--Locker Room (Flashback)